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I. Basic Information

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II. Program Options

I would like to be considered for (check all that apply):

Program Type Program Preference
(if more than one, rank 1 to 3, 1 being the highest)
Full-Time Semester in Practice  
Part-Time JD Externship  
Judicial Externship (Full- or Part-Time) 

III. Program Deadlines

Fall Semester: Students interested in doing an externship during the Fall Semester

  • Full-Time: February 1
  • Part-Time: April 1

Spring Semester: Students interested in doing an externship during the Spring Semester (Full- and Part-Time):

  • September 30th

IV. Requirements to Fulfill Prior to Enrolling

Before you may enroll in the Externship Program there are three things we strongly encourage you to do:

  1. Have a meeting with your faculty advisor and discuss how an externship would fit into your overall academic plan.
  2. Have a meeting with staff in Career Services to review your resume, writing sample and career goals.
  3. Read the section in the Academic Regulations that pertains to full and/or part time externships.

V. Enrollment Process and Eligibility

In order to be considered eligible you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Eligible Semester Participation
    • JD students are eligible to participate in their 4th, 5th and 6th semester during the academic year;
    • AJD students are eligible to participate in their 5th and 6th semesters during the academic year.
  2. Have a GPA of 2.4 or higher

  3. Submit a completed Request to Enroll, including all required materials, by the deadline. Required materials include:
    • Resume
    • One or two writing samples
    • A list of three references, two of them faculty. (This list will be shared with potential mentors, so please include contact information)
    • Most recent transcript. This can be obtained by sending a request, including your student ID Number, to
    • Placement Process Acknowledgement Form (click to download)
  4. Meet with an externship faculty member before the enrollment deadline. To set up a meeting please contact Shannon Leach at (Request to Enroll must be submitted prior to this meeting).
What are your goals for your 3 years in law school?
How do you intend to integrate or imagine integrating your learning in law school with the work you eventually plan to do?
What practical experience, legal and non-legal, do you already have?
Is there relevant course work you must complete before you graduate? Are there courses you really want to take?
What do you imagine an externship (whether full-time, part-time, or judicial) can add to your overall legal education?
Do you already have specific ideas about where you would like to spend an externship or with whom? (Remember, please do NOT contact potential mentors prior to meeting with a faculty member in the Externship Program).
Who is your academic advisor? Have you met with him or her to discuss your interest in the externship program?
Have you applied, or will you be applying to a clinic, either on or off campus, during the same semester you are applying for an externship?

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For each item, attach a file that contains the information. To attach a file, click the "Browse" button, locate the file on your computer, and select it using the "Open" button in the "Choose File" window.
Writing Sample #1:
(optional) Writing Sample #2:
Placement Process Signature Form:
(If you need a copy, download it here, read and sign, then scan and upload.)

For More Information

Please contact Externship faculty Christine Cimini ( (x1281) or Jeffry White ( (x1156) or the Externship Program Officer Shannon Leach ( (x1259) with any questions.