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Commencement is Saturday, May 16, 2020. All students expecting to complete their degree by December 2020 are invited to participate. Commencement week is full of activities, including a dinner dance and presentation of the Class Gift.

The information requested below is required for the ceremony and regalia orders as well as sending invitations to your guests. I may contact you to confirm the pronunciation of your name. If you do not plan to participate, kindly fill out the first portion of the form and submit. The deadline for submitting Commencement registration is February 11th. Late submissions cannot be guaranteed inclusion in the Commencement Day program.

Thank you for completing this essential step toward Commencement Day.

Britny Town
Commencement Coordinator

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Guest Information

We will send commencement invitations and planning information to two addresses of your choice. Please list below the two people/families to whom we should send commencement information. You may request up to 10 additional invitations to send out on your own by indicating the number you would like in the box provided below.
For planning purposes, please estimate the number of guests you expect to attend Commencement:
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Guest information is provided to the Office of Institutional Advancement for the sole purpose of offering an opportunity to convey a message to graduates in the Commencement program. Your guest information will not be used at any other time by Vermont Law School without permission.

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